50 True Love Quotes For Couples


True Love is one of the most aspired feeling of human being. To love and to be loved in return is one of the greatest feeling one can feel. One of the simplest method to share your true love feeling with everyone is to share true love quotes, status on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms.

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The amount of love you receive is directly proportional to how much you love yourself. Therefore love yourself as it is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. Lets have a look at our shortlisted love status and quotes. Do share your experience with us via comments.


True Love Status

  • You Know You’re In Love When You Can’t Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Finally Better Than Your Dreams.
  • We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve.
  • Nothing Is Perfect, But When I’m With U Everything Is Perfect.
  • Someone Asked Me How’s Life ? I Just Smiled & Replied, She’s Fine.
  • The Best Feeling Is When You Look At The One You Love And They’re Already Looking At U.
  • You Don’t Love Someone Because They’re Perfect, You Love Them In Spite Of The Fact That They’re Not.
  • When Someone Loves You, The Way They Talk About You Is Different. You Feel Safe And Comfortable.
  • If I Had A Flower For Every Time I Thought Of You, I Could Walk Through My Garden Forever.
  • There Are Only 2 Times That I Want To Be With You… Now And Forever.
  • Love Is That Condition In Which The Happiness Of Another Person Is Essential To Your Own.
  • Love Is Like The Wind, You Can’t See It But You Can Feel It.
  • If You Can Make A Woman Laugh, You Can Make Her Do Anything.
  • It Is Not A Lack Of Love, But A Lack Of Friendship That Makes Unhappy Marriages.
  • I Don’t Like Waiting, I’m So Impatient. But I’ll Wait Forever, As Long As I End Up With U.
  • If You Truly Love Someone, Then The Only Thing You Want Do For Them Is To Be Happy, Even If You Are Not With Them.
  • Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage.
  • It Is Better To Be Hated For What You Are, Than To Be Loved For What You Are Not.
  • My “Heart” Will Always Be Yours !
  • No Matter How “Busy” A Person Is… If They Really Love, They Will Always Find The Time For You.
  • Did You Know I Really Love The 2nd Word Of This Question ?
  • The Person Who Makes U Happiest Is The Person Who Can Hurt You The Most.
  • True Love Never Fails And If It Fails In Life, Then Its Not True !
  • I Want To Be In Your Arms, Where You Hold Me Tight And Never Let Me Go.
  • Time Goes Very Slowly When You Miss Someone Who You Love.
  • My Love For You Is A Journey That Starts At Forever And Ends At Never In Life.
  • The Truth Hurts Only Once But A Lie Hurts Every Time U Remember It !
  • Don’t Trust Too Much , Don’t Love Too Much , Don’t Care Too Much Because That Too Much Will Hurt U So Much.
  • Love Is Master Key Of Opening A Gate Of Happiness.


Love Couple Quotes

  • Love Is The Only Thing That Control Every Single Emotion You Have.
  • Thinking Of U Is Easy, I Do It Every Day. Missing U Is The Heartache That Never Goes Away.
  • Love Is Not About How Much U Say “I Love You” But How Much U Can Prove That It’s True.
  • There Is No Scale To Measure The Love.
  • Better To Be Alone Than Being With Someone Who Makes U Feel Alone.
  • Love Is Like A Rubber Band, When Both Stretch And Then One Releases Then It Can Hurt The Other !
  • Every Time I See U I Fall In Love All Over Again.
  • Nothing Is Fine, But When I’m With You Everything Is Fine.
  • Love Me For A Second And I’ll Love You Forever.
  • Can I Borrow A Kiss ? I Promise I’ll Give It Back.
  • Where There Is Love. There Is Life.
  • Every Love Story Is Beautiful But Ours Is Mine Favorite.
  • The One You Love And The One Who Loves You Are Never, Ever The Same Person.
  • Nobody Has Ever Measured, How Much The Heart Can Hold.
  • And, In The End The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make.
  • If You Love Somebody, Let Them Go, If They Return, They Were Always Yours. If They Don’t, They Never Were.
  • When Love Is Not Madness It Is Not Love.
  • I Love You More Than There Are Stars In The Sky And Fish In The Sea.
  • Love Does Not Begin And End The Way We Seem To Think It Does.
  • A Woman’s Heart Should Be So Hidden In God That A Man Has To Seek Him Just To Find Her.
  • True Love Is Rare, And It’s The Only Thing That Gives Life Real Meaning.


True Love Quotes For Couples

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