30 Powerful Short Sayings About Life – Single Line Quotes


No one has time in today’s world to read long statuses and messages. Everyone is in a hurry and have lot of things to do in life. Therefore best short sayings about life and one line quotes, single line captions, status, phrases are very effective in expressing the feeling and saving the time on Whatsapp, Facebook.

Good Short Sayings About Life

Why you need long sayings and quotes if same message can be expressed via shorter sayings, status and quotes. Short sayings about life can fit in single or at most two lines and can be directly read. Short sayings about life can depict different feelings such as happy, sad, love, attitude, friends, cool, life, nice, funny, breakup, inspiration etc. One of the simplest method to share your short sayings about life with everyone is to share single line quotes, one liner captions on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms. Lets have a look at our shortlisted short sayings about life and best one liner quotes in single line.



Best Single Line Quotes (One Liners)

  • It’s Hard To Beat A Person Who Never Gives Up.
  • Life Is An Art Of Drawing Without Eraser.
  • Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness.
  • Don’t Think Or Judge, Just Listen.
  • Our Friends Make Our World.
  • Time, You Can’t Keep It, But You Can Spend It.
  • There Is No Time To Leave Important Words Unsaid.
  • Enjoy Life. It Comes With Expiry Date.
  • My Last Seen At Was Just To Check Your Last Seen At.
  • Love Your Enemies. It Makes Them So Damned Mad.
  • Yes I’m Smiling But You’re Not The Reason Anymore.
  • Don’t Settle For Good. Demand Great.
  • I’m In Shape. Unfortunately, It’s The Wrong One.
  • Tried To Loose Weight, But It Keeps Finding Me.
  • I Don’t Have A Bad Handwriting, I Have My Own Font.



Best One Liners Ever On Life

  • Life Is Too Short To Do The Things You Don’t Love Doing.
  • Some People Need To Open Their Small Minds Instead Of Their Big Mouths.
  • Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But It Can Steal Someone Else.
  • Life Goes On, With Or Without You.
  • I Plan To Make Rest Of My Life, The Best Of My Life.
  • Whoever Is Careless With The Truth In Small Matters Cannot Be Trusted With Important Matters.
  • A Simple Hello Could Lead To Million Things.
  • Where There Is Love, There Is Life.
  • Totally Available ! Please Disturb Me…
  • A Smile Suits Every Kinds Of Clothes.
  • I Am Too Lazy To Be Lazy.
  • You Will Never Know How Much I Miss You.
  • World Is Full Of Smiles, Whenever Friends Are With Me.
  • I Never Insult People, I Only Tell Them What They Are.
  • If God Ask What I Most Loved About Life, I’ll Say You.



Best Single Line Quotes And Short Sayings About Life

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