30 Short Love Quotes For A Romantic Relationship


To love and to be loved in return is one of the greatest feeling one can feel. One of the simplest method to share your love feelings with everyone is to share short love quotes, love sayings, love captions, romantic quotes, relationship quotes for him or her on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms.

True Love Quotes

The amount of love you receive is directly proportional to how much you love yourself. Therefore love yourself as it is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out. Lets have a look at our shortlisted short love quotes for a romantic relationship.


Couple Quotes

  • If You Can Love Someone With Your Whole Heart, Even One Person, Then There’s Salvation In Life. Even If You Can’t Get Together With That Person.
  • Love Has Nothing To Do With What You Are Expecting To Get – Only With What You Are Expecting To Give – Which Is Everything.
  • True Love Comes Quietly, Without Banners Or Flashing Lights. If You Hear Bells, Get Your Ears Checked.
  • There Is Always Something Left To Love.
  • Be The Reason Someone Smiles. Be The Reason Someone Feels Loved And Believes In The Goodness In People.
  • Do What You Love, Love What You Do, And With All Your Heart Give Yourself To It.
  • One Day Spent With Someone You Love, Can Change Everything.
  • Being With You And Not Being With You Is The Only Way I Have To Measure Time.
  • There Is Love In Holding And There Is Love In Letting Go.
  • Loving Someone And Having Them Love You Back Is The Most Precious Thing In The World.
  • Where There Is Great Love, There Are Always Miracles.


Best Couple Quotes

  • Love Is Our True Destiny. We Do Not Find The Meaning Of Life By Ourselves Alone – We Find It With Another.
  • There Is Nothing That Is Going To Make People Hate You More, And Love You More, Than Telling The Truth.
  • Love Is Being Honest With Yourself At All Times, Being Honest With The Other Person At All Times.
  • Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful, Or Are You Beautiful Because I Love You ?
  • True Love Begins When Nothing Is Looked For In Return.
  • If You Love Something So Much, Let It Go. If It Comes Back, It Was Meant To Be, If It Doesn’t It Never Was.
  • I Love Her, And That’s The Beginning And End Of Everything.
  • The Saddest Thing About Love Is That Not Only The Love Cannot Last Forever, But Even The Heartbreak Is Soon Forgotten.
  • Don’t Worry About Your Pretty Little Mind Because People Throw Rocks At Things That Shine.
  • Love Meant Jumping Off A Cliff And Trusting That A Certain Person Would Be There To Catch You At The Bottom.
  • When You Love Someone, You Don’t Have A Choice. Love Takes Your Choices Away.

Love Couple Quotes For Him / Her

  • First Best Is Falling In Love. Second Best Is Being In Love. Least Best Is Falling Out Of Love. But Any Of It Is Better Than Never Having Been In Love.
  • To The World You May Be One Person But To One Person You May Be The World.
  • If You Could Only Love Enough, You Could Be The Most Powerful Person In The World.
  • When People Fall In Love, They Burst Into Flames.
  • One Should Always Be In Love. That’s The Reason One Should Never Marry.
  • A Heart Filled With Anger Has No Room For Love.
  • Love Wins, Love Always Wins.
  • Learn To Love People And Use Things Rather Than Loving Things And Using People.


True Romantic Love Quotes For Couples

A famous person once told “Love is when other persons happiness is more important than your own”. We hope that you might have find our list of 30 Short Love Quotes For A Romantic Relationship helpful in finding your next short love quotes, love sayings, love captions, romantic quotes, relationship quotes for him or her for sharing on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms. We are thankful to you for spreading love with other people.