100 Short Funny Quotes About Life And Love (One Line Jokes)


Laughter is the best medicine for a person to deal with serious situations. People of all ages and cultures like humor. Most people are able to experience fun and thus are considered to have a sense of humor. One of the simplest way to share fun with others is to share one line short funny quotes, status, sayings, phrases, lines, captions, sentences, comedy jokes about life and love on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Best Short Funny Quotes

Fun plays a vital role into our life, you might have heard from doctors and other people that laughing increases blood in our body and is considered best for recovering from many diseases. Having fun is the main reason behind laughing, this means scientifically having good fun time makes us healthier. So keep laughing. Lets have a look at our shortlisted one line short funny quotes. Do share your experience with us via comments.


Funny Love Quotes, Comedy Status About Life

  • The True Man Wants Two Things : Danger And Play. For That Reason He Wants Woman, As The Most Dangerous Plaything.
  • You Grow Up The Day You Have Your First Real Laugh At Yourself.
  • If People Never Did Silly Things Nothing Intelligent Would Ever Get Done.
  • Humor Is By Far The Most Significant Activity Of The Human Brain.
  • The Secret Source Of Humor Itself Is Not Joy, But Sorrow. There Is No Humor In Heaven.
  • I Don’t Even Believe Myself When I Say I’ll Be Ready In 5 Minutes.
  • Only One Way To Look Thin Is To Hang Out With Fat People.
  • Only Dumb People Try To Impress Smart People. Smart People Just Do What They Do.
  • Only Advice I Would Give To Someone Is To Not Take Anyone’s Advice.
  • Learn From The Mistakes Of Others. You Can Never Live Long Enough To Make Them All Yourself.
  • If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Doing Something Wrong.
  • It’s Amazing That The Amount Of News That Happens In The World Every Day Always Just Exactly Fits The Newspaper.
  • Men Want The Same Thing From Their Underwear That They Want From Women : A Little Bit Of Support, And A Little Bit Of Freedom.
  • The One Thing You Shouldn’t Do Is Try To Tell A Cab Driver How To Get Somewhere.
  • I Don’t Like To Kick People When They’re Down. I Like To Kick People When They’re Up.
  • Men To The Left Because Woman Are Always Right.
  • Sometimes The Road Less Traveled Is Less Traveled For A Reason.
  • One Who Wakes Up Early, Yawns All Day Long.


Best Funniest Quotes About Life

  • You Can Only Be Young Once. But You Can Enjoy Being Infantile Forever.
  • Married Women Face A Significantly Lower Risk Of Kidnapping, Nobody Can Be Certain That The Ransom Would Actually Be Paid.
  • If A Man Said He’ll Fix It, He’ll Fix It. There Is No Need To Nag Him Every 6 Months About It.
  • Rule No. 1 : Women Are Always Right. Rule No. 2 : If A Woman Is Not Right, Rule No.1 Applies.
  • Girls Want A Lot From One Guy. On The Other Hand, A Guy Only Wants One Thing From A Lot Of Girls.
  • Promises Are Like Babies… They’re Fun To Make But Hard To Deliver.
  • War Never Decides Who Is Right. War Only Decides Who Is Left.
  • Yes, The Early Bird Catches The Worm, But The Second Mouse Gets The Cheese.
  • I’ll Be There To Catch You Whenever You Fall. Love, The Floor.
  • Help A Woman When She’s In Trouble. She Will Remember You When She’s In Trouble Again.
  • If I’m Driving You Crazy, Please Remember To Put Your Seatbelt On.
  • They Say Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees, But Why Do Banks Have Branches Then?
  • I’m Not Lazy. I’m Just Highly Motivated To Do Nothing.
  • A True Optimist Is The Guy Who Falls Off A Skyscraper And After 50 Floors Thinks To Himself – Well, So Far So Good !
  • Doesn’t Expecting The Unexpected Make The Unexpected Expected ?
  • If Love Is Blind, Then Marriage Is Its Spectacles.
  • The Password To Your Life Is “Humor”.
  • Everyone Has An Annoying Friend. If You Don’t Have One, It’s Probably You.
  • If You Can’t Change A Girl….. Change The Girl.
  • That Awkward Moment When You Realize That “Deleting History” Is More Important Than “Creating History” Nowadays.
  • Women Should Not Have Children After 20. Really… 20 Children Are Enough.
  • Children : You Spend The First 2 Years Of Their Life Teaching Them To Walk And Talk. Then You Spend The Next 16 Years Telling Them To Sit Down And Shut Up.
  • If You Think Nobody Cares If You’re Alive, Try Missing A Couple Of Car Payments.
  • To Steal Ideas From One Person Is Plagiarism. To Steal From Many Is Research.


Short Funny Quotes And Sayings About Life

  • Why Do Women Always Ask Questions That Have No Right Answers ?
  • The Winner Of The Rat Race Is Still A Rat.
  • If You Do A Job Too Well, You Will Get Stuck With It.
  • I Am Willing To Make The Mistakes If Someone Else Is Willing To Learn From Them.
  • The Advantage Of Exercising Every Day Is That You Die Healthier.
  • There Are No Winners In Life… Only Survivors.
  • Don’t Steal. That’s The Government’s Job.
  • By The Time A Man Realizes That His Father Was Right, He Has A Son Who Thinks He’s Wrong.
  • Our Generation Doesn’t Knock On Doors. We Will Call Or Text To Let You Know We’re Outside.
  • Knowledge Is Power, And Power Corrupts. So Study Hard And Be Evil.
  • The Real Reason Women Live Longer Than Men Because They Don’t Have To Live With Women.
  • Better To Remain Silent And Be Thought A Fool, Than To Speak And Remove All Doubt.
  • When A Woman Says What ? Its Not Because She Didn’t Hear You. She’s Giving You A Chance To Change What You Said.
  • Dear Google, Please Stop Behaving Like A Girl. Will You Please Allow Me To Complete The Whole Sentence Before You Start Guessing & Suggesting.
  • I Asked God For A Bike, But I Know God Doesn’t Work That Way. So I Stole A Bike And Asked For Forgiveness.
  • I Find It So Inspiring To Watch People Lazier Then Me. I Still Have Much To Learn.
  • “Ladies First” Was Probably Invented By A Dude Who Enjoyed Admiring Women From Behind.
  • Don’t Grow Up. It’s A Trap.
  • Behind Every Crazy Women Is A Man Who Made Her That Way.
  • Common Sense Is A Flower That Doesn’t Grow In Everyone’s Garden.
  • Stop Looking For Trouble. I’m Right Here.
  • When You Reach The End Of Your Rope, Tie A Knot In It And Hang On.
  • Running Away Does Not Help You With Your Problems, Unless You Are Fat.
  • I Wonder What Happens When Doctor’s Wife Eats An Apple A Day.
  • Definition Of Human Being : A Creature That Cuts Trees, Makes Paper And Write “Save Trees” On The Same Paper.
  • If You Can’t Find The Key To Success, Change The Lock.
  • If You Can’t Convince Them, Confuse Them.
  • Nothing Is Over Until You Stop Trying.
  • Parachute For Sale, Used Once, Never Opened !
  • There Are Three Sides To An Argument – Your Side, My Side And The Right Side.
  • Flip A Coin… If Head Comes, I Am Yours, If Tail Comes Then You Are Mine.
  • Girls Are Like Parking Spaces, All The Good Ones Are Already Taken.
  • What Do Girls Want ? Everything !!
  • Money Can’t Buy Love But Can Buy Woman To Make Love.


Best Funny Short Quotes, Funny One Liners, Funny One Line Quotes

  • Never Make The Same Mistake Twice, There Are So Many New Ones, Try A Different One Each Day.
  • Hey You, Yeah I’m Talking To You, Why The Hell Are You Reading My Status ?
  • We Live In The Generation – Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Boys Think Of Girls Like Books, If The Cover Doesn’t Catch Their Eyes, They Won’t Even Bother To Read What’s Inside.
  • It Is A Sad Fact That 20% Of Marriages In This Country End In Divorce. But Hey, The Remaining End In Death. You Could Be One Of The Lucky Ones.
  • A Wise Man Once Said, You Can’t Be Old & Wise, If You Were Never Young & Crazy.
  • Life Is Like A Hot Bath. It Feels Good While You’re In It, But The Longer You Stay In, The More Wrinkled You Get.
  • If You Can’t Get Someone Out Of Your Head, Then Maybe They Are Supposed To Be There.
  • When I Show You A Picture On My Phone.. Don’t Swipe Left.. Don’t Swipe Right.. Just Look.
  • Congratulations !! My Tallest Finger Want To Give You A Standing Ovation.
  • Whenever I Find The Key To Success, Someone Changes The Lock.
  • When You Can’t Marry The One You Love, Marry The One Who Is Rich !!
  • A Women Saying “I’m Not Mad At You” Is Like A Dentist Saying “You Won’t Feel A Thing”.
  • People Who Think They Know Everything Are A Great Annoyance To Those Of Us Who Do.
  • The Best Way To Get A Man To Do Something Is To Suggest He’s Too Old For It.


Very Short Funny Quotes – One Line Quotes About Life And Love

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