10 Good Funny Sentences, Phrases And Quotes To Live By


Fun plays a vital role into our life, you might have heard from doctors and other people that laughing increases blood in our body and is considered best for recovering from many diseases.

Funny Sentences – Funny Phrases Collection

Having fun is the main reason behind laughing, this means scientifically having good fun time makes us healthier. So keep laughing. Lets have a look at our shortlisted funny sentences, phrases, status and quotes.


Comedy Quotes – Funny English Quotes

  • You Never Know What You Have Until… You Clean Your Room.
  • Light Travels Faster Than Sound. That’s Why People Appear Brighter Until They Speak.
  • It’s Funny How People Judge Other’s Mistakes While They Also Do The Same Thing.
  • Good Girls Are Bad Girls That Never Get Caught.
  • We Buy Things We Don’t Need, With Money We Don’t Have, To Impress People We Don’t Know.
  • Do Not Argue With An Idiot. He Will Drag You Down To His Level And Beat You With Experience.
  • Don’t Be Too Optimistic. The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Might Be Another Train.
  • Women Marry Men Hoping They Will Change. Men Marry Women Hoping They Will Not. So Each Is Inevitably Disappointed.
  • Here’s To Our Wives And Girlfriends… May They Never Meet !
  • Good Girls Go To Heaven, Bad Girls Go Everywhere.


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