100 Deep Depression Quotes For Battling Depressed Feeling


Feeling depressed is an emotional pain associated with feelings of loss, disadvantage, despair, grief, helplessness, disappointment and sorrow. An individual experiencing sadness or depression may become quiet and withdraw themselves from others. Severe depression can also lead to extreme deep sadness. One of the simplest method to battle deep depression is to share depression quotes, status, sayings on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Depression Quotes And Sayings

Sometimes the pain of sadness cannot be expressed through words. If someone is not satisfied with what he/she have, they will be sad. Whereas some people will never feel sadness because they are satisfied with what they have. Lets have a look at our shortlisted deep depression quotes for depressed feeling.


Depressing Love Quotes For Depressed Life

  • It’s Never The Tears That Measure The Pain, Sometimes Its Take Smile We Fake.
  • I Feel Like A Balloon. Looking Bright & Cheerful, But Empty And Lonely Inside.
  • Don’t Trust Too Much, Don’t Love Too Much, Don’t Care Too Much Because That Too Much Will Hurt You So Much.
  • Isn’t It Sad When You Get Hurt So Much, You Can Finally Say I’m Used To It.
  • The Toughest Part Of Letting Go Is Realizing That The Other Person Already Did.
  • I Keep Myself Busy With Things I Do But Every Time I Pause, I Still Think Of You.
  • There’s Still Only One Person Who Hasn’t Given Up On Me. God, Thank You For Loving Me.
  • You Lose Yourself Trying To Hold On To Someone Who Doesn’t Care About Losing You.
  • At Least, Tell A Lie That You Love Me, I Will Live The Rest Of My Life With That.
  • You Touched My Heart With A Thousand Pleasures And Broke It In To Million Pieces.
  • There’s No Point In Crying, The Tears Wont Bring You Back To Me.
  • I Know They Say That First Love Is The Sweetest But That First Cut Is The Deepest.
  • I’m Not Upset That You Lied To Me, I’m Upset That From Now On I Can’t Believe You.
  • Two Barrels Of Tears Do Not Heal A Bruise.
  • When You Truly Love Someone You Give Everything You Can And Never Expect A Return.
  • It’s Sad When You Realize You Aren’t As Important To Someone As You Thought You Are.
  • I Feel Crappy Inside, Like Something Just Broke.
  • I Did The Searching And Remembering. He/She Did The Disappearing And The Forgetting.
  • When I Cry About One Thing, I End Up Crying About Everything That’s Messed Up My Life.
  • As I’m Trying To Make Everyone Else Happy I’m Making Myself Miserable In The Process.
  • Even If We Can’t Be Together In The End, I Am Still Glad You Were A Part Of My Life.
  • People Leave Because It’s Easier To Walk Away Than To Fight For What They Really Want.
  • Everything Is Complicated, Even Those Things That Seem Flat In Their Bleakness Or Sadness.
  • Every Thought Is A Battle, Every Breath Is A War And I Don’t Think I’m Winning Anymore.
  • Nothing Hurts More Than Realizing They Meant Everything To You & You Meant Nothing To Them.
  • I Am Not Just Another Toy You Can Play With When All Your Other Toys Are Broken.
  • Moving On. Sounds Easy. But I Died Thousand Times In Pain Just To Appreciate This Phrase.
  • Yeah She’s Smiling But Don’t Let That Fool You. Look Into Her Eyes. Shes Breaking Inside.
  • I Was Playing Back A Thousand Memories Baby, Thinking About Everything We’ve Been Through.
  • Remember, You’re Beautiful. But Keep In Mind That Not Everyone’s Gonna Be Able To See That.


Feeling Depressed Quotes For Whatsapp, Facebook

  • It Doesn’t Matter Who Hurt You Or Broke You Down. What Matters Is Who Made You Smile Again.
  • Poor Man Walks Miles To Earn The Food & Rich Man Walks Miles To Digest The Food.
  • I Don’t Know Why They Call It Heartbreak. It Feels Like Every Part Of My Body Is Broken Too.
  • People Change For Two Reason : They Have Learned A Lot Or They Have Been Hurt Too Many Times.
  • Sometimes The Girl Who’s Always Been There For Everyone Else. Need Someone To Be There For Her.
  • Everyone Want Happiness, No One Wants Pain, But You Can’t Make A Rainbow Without A Little Rain.
  • There Are So Many Things That Make You Happy. Don’t Focus Too Much On Things That Make You Sad.
  • Heavy Hearts, Like Heavy Clouds In The Sky, Are Best Relieved By The Letting Of A Little Water.
  • I Just Wanna Run Away, Run Away From All Of My Problems And Pain And Never Come Back, Because I Don’t Think Anyone Would Miss Me.
  • Never Expect Things To Happen, Because It’s Better To Feel Surprised Than To Feel Disappointed.
  • Pain Is The Only Thing That Makes Me Feel Alive. I Will Never Be Good Enough For You. I Got That.
  • Once You Lose Someone, It’s Never Exactly The Same Person Who Comes Back.
  • It Hurts The Most When The Person Who Made You Feel So Special Makes You Feel So Unwanted Today.
  • Letting Go Doesn’t Mean You’ve Stopped Caring, It Means You Stopped Trying To Force Someone Too.
  • I Think I’m Afraid To Be Happy Because Whenever I Do Get Too Happy, Something Bad Always Happens.
  • When I Smile And Say Yeah, I’m Fine It’s Really Code For No I’m Not Okay And I Feel Like My World Is Crashing Down Around Me.
  • The Worst Person To Be Around Is Someone Who Complains About Everything And Appreciates Nothing.
  • The Saddest People I’ve Ever Met In Life Are The Ones Who Don’t Care Deeply About Anything At All.
  • Smile. It’s Easier Than Explaining Why You’re Sad. I Don’t Think You Know What You Are Doing To Me.
  • I Hate The Fact That You Ignore Me For So Long Then You Start Talking To Me Like Nothing Happened.
  • Sometimes What You Don’t Say Is More Powerful Than What You Do Say.
  • Sometimes You Got To Accept The Fact That Certain Things Will Never Go Back To How They Used To Be.
  • The Moment When You Burst Out Crying In Your Room & You Realize That No One Knows How Unhappy You Are.
  • Only Loneliness Can Teach Us Everything In This World Except How To Forget The Person Who Made Us Lonely.
  • The People Experiencing The Most Pain Tend To Be The Ones Who Are Always Trying To Make Others Smile.
  • I Will Always Care For You, Even If We’re Not Together & Even If We’re Far, Far Away From Each Other.
  • Waiting Is Painful, Forgetting Is Painful. But Not Knowing What To Do Is The Worse Kind Of Suffering.
  • One Day, You Will Wake Up Realizing How Much I Mean To You. When That Day Comes, I Might Have Woken Up With Someone Else.
  • Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak When Your Mouth Can’t Explain How Things Made Your Heart Break.
  • Eight Letters, Three Words, One Regret, I Miss You.


Best Depression Quotes For Depressed People

  • Never Cry For Anyone In Your Life, Because Those You Cry For Don’t Deserve Your Tears And Those Who Are Deserving Will Never Let You Cry.
  • Sometimes, Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak When Your Mouth Can’t Explain How Broken Your Heart Is.
  • I Didn’t Lose You, You Lost Me. You’ll Search For Me Inside Of Everyone You’re With And I Won’t Be Found.
  • Seeing People Change Isn’t What Hurts. What Hurts Is Remembering Who They Used To Be.
  • A Breakup Is Like A Broken Mirror. Its Better To Leave It Than Hurt Yourself Trying To Pick Up The Pieces.
  • It’s Weird How The Happiest Memories Drive You To Tears.
  • So I Guess It Ends Here. We Will Go Out Separate Ways & Hope That We’ll See Each Other Somewhere In Future.
  • If You Can Learn From The Worst Times Of Your Life, You’ll Be Ready To Go Into The Best Times Of Your Life.
  • Sad Feeling Is Mute Reminder Of What Is Really Important In Our Life.
  • Cry As Much As You Want To, But Just Make Sure When You’re Finished, You Never Cry For The Same Reason Again.
  • The Greater Your Capacity To Love, The Greater Your Capacity To Feel The Pain.
  • I’m Sorry. I Tried Being Prefect. But Its Just Not Me. I Have Been Sad For Years. Don’t Tell Me It Gets Better.
  • I Have A Habit Of Falling Too Hard And Falling Too Fast, And Getting My Hopes Up For Something I Know Won’t Last.
  • Everything Takes Me Longer Than I Expect. It’s The Sad Truth About Life.
  • Sometimes When I Say I Am Okay, I Want Someone Too Look Me In The Eyes, Hug Me Tight & Say I Know You’re Not.
  • The Only Thing More Shocking Than The Truth Are The Lies People Tell To Cover It Up.
  • Sometimes I Don’t Tell People What’s Wrong Because Most Of The Time They’re Just Being Curious. Not Because They Care.
  • I Am Fighting Alone & Being Depressed Is An Everyday Fight. I Am Tired Of Being Sad Now. Trust, Nothing Feels Right.
  • One Get Used To Being Alone, But It’s Enough To Break It For A Day & You Have To Get Used To It Again From The Beginning.
  • My Silence Spoke A Thousand Words, But You Never Heard Them.


Deep Depression Quotes To Cure Severe Depression

  • You Can’t Control Everything That Happens To You, But You Can Control How You React To The Things That Are Out Of Your Control.
  • There Is Just Some Days When It All Seems To Be Wrong And Nothing Feels Right.
  • The Loneliest Moment In Someone’s Life Is When They Are Watching Their Whole World Fall Apart, And All They Do Is Stare Blankly.
  • Apologizing Doesn’t Always Mean You’re Wrong & The Other Person Is Right. It Means You Value Your Relationship More Than You Ego.
  • The Pain Is Not On The Day Of Missing Our Dear Ones. The Pain Is Really When You Love Without Them & With Their Presence In Your Mind.
  • You’re The First Person Who Broke My Heart. For The Rest Of My Life, You Will Always Be The One Who Hurt Me The Most. Don’t Forget That.
  • Have You Ever Noticed That The More Special You Treat Someone, The More That Someone Takes You For Granted ? As If You Won’t Ever Change.
  • A Tear Is Made Of 1% Water And 99% Feelings.
  • The Irony Of Life Is, It Gives You The Hardest Of Times When U Least Expect It.
  • Dear Heart, Please Stop Getting Involved In Everything. Your Job Is Just To Pump Blood, So Stick To It.
  • I’m A Simple Person, Who Hides A Thousand Feelings Behind The Happiest Smile.
  • The Strongest Among Us Are The Ones Who Smile Through The Silent Pain, Cry Behind Closed Doors And Fight Battles Nobody Knows About.
  • Although The World Is Full Of Suffering, It Is Also Full Of The Overcoming Of It.
  • Sorrow Is Like A Precious Treasure, Shown Only To Friends.
  • Life Is Pleasant. Death Is Peaceful. It’s The Transition That’s Troublesome.
  • So, This Is My Life And I Want You To Know That I Am Both Happy And Sad And I’m Still Trying To Figure Out How That Could Be.
  • The Reason It Hurts So Much To Separate Is Because Our Souls Are Connected.
  • So It’s True, When All Is Said And Done, Grief Is The Price We Pay For Love.
  • If You Don’t Receive Love From The Ones Who Are Meant To Love You, You Will Never Stop Looking For It.
  • You’ve Changed Me Forever. And I’ll Never Forget You.
  • What Is Hardest To Accept About The Passage Of Time Is That The People Who Once Mattered The Most To Us Wind Up In Parentheses.
  • I’m Guilty Of Giving People More Chances Than They Deserve But When I’m Done, I’m Done.
  • If You Didn’t Remember Something Happening, Was It Because It Never Had Happened ? Or Because You Wished It Hadn’t ?


Very Long Depression Quotes, Status And Sayings

We hope that you might have find our list of 100 Deep Depression Quotes For Battling Depressed Feeling helpful in finding deep depression quotes to tackle sadness, cure depression. We hope that you might loose your depression after reading these quotes and will feel emotionally better.