50 Impressive Cute Short Quotes About Life – Nice One Liners


Life is short and so is valuable time. No one has time in today’s world to read long statuses and messages. Everyone is in a hurry and have lot of things to do in life. Therefore nice short quotes and cute one line status about life are very effective in expressing the feeling and saving the time by sharing on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media networking sites.

Cute Short Quotes About Life

Why you need very long quotes if same meaning can be expressed via nice and cute short quotes, captions, status and sayings. Cute short quotes can fit in single or at most two lines and can be directly read. Nice short quotes can depict different feelings such as happy, sad, love, attitude, friends, cool, life, nice, funny, breakup, inspiration etc. One of the simplest method to share your cute short quotes with everyone is to share it on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms. Lets have a look at our shortlisted cute short quotes about life and nice one liner quotes.


Nice Short Quotes About Life

  • Sometimes We Just Have To Let Things Go.
  • We Always Ignore The Ones Who Adore Us, And Adore The Ones Who Ignore Us.
  • Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do.
  • Change The World By Being Yourself.
  • Problems Are Not Stop Signs, They Are Guidelines.
  • Every Moment Is A Fresh Beginning.
  • Never Regret Anything That Made You Smile.
  • Be So Good, They Can’t Ignore You.
  • Die With Memories, Not Dreams.
  • Determine Your Priorities And Focus On Them.
  • Aspire To Inspire Before We Expire.
  • One Day The People That Don’t Even Believe In You Will Tell Everyone How They Met You.
  • Never Let Your Emotions Over Power Your Intelligence.
  • Have Enough Courage To Start And Enough Heart To Finish.
  • Everything You Can Imagine Is Real.
  • Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication.
  • Whatever You Do, Do It Well.
  • What We Think, We Become.
  • All Limitations Are Self Imposed.
  • Yesterday You Said Tomorrow.
  • I Could Agree With You But Then We’d Both Be Wrong.
  • I Don’t Need It To Be Easy, I Need It To Be Worth It.
  • Nothing Lasts Forever But At Least We Got These Memories.
  • Try To Be A Rainbow In Someone’s Cloud.
  • There Is No Substitute For Hard Work.
  • What Consumes Your Mind Controls Your Life.
  • The Time Is Always Right To Do What Is Right.
  • Let The Beauty Of What You Love Be What You Do.


Cute One Line Quotes About Life And Happiness

  • May Your Choices Reflect Your Hopes, Not Your Fears.
  • A Happy Soul Is The Best Shield For A Cruel World.
  • White Is Not Always Light And Black Is Not Always Dark.
  • Life Becomes Easier When You Learn To Accept The Apology You Never Got.
  • Happiness Depends Upon Ourselves.
  • Turn Your Wounds Into Wisdom.
  • Change The Game, Don’t Let The Game Change You.
  • It Hurt Because It Mattered.
  • If The World Was Blind, How Many People Would You Impress ?
  • I Will Remember And Recover, Not Forgive And Forget.
  • The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life Meaning.
  • The True Meaning Of Life Is To Plant Trees, Under Whose Shade You Do Not Expect To Sit.
  • When Words Fail, Music Speaks.
  • I Have Nothing To Lose But Something To Gain.
  • No Expectations, No Disappointments.
  • The Pain Never Leave Us We Have To Leave The Pain.
  • Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.
  • The Good Things In Life Are Amazing With You.
  • Just Remember, Someone Loves Everything You Hate About Yourself.
  • You Don’t Need A Reason To Help People.
  • When You Want To Give Up Remember Why You Started.


Nice And Cute Short Quotes On Life

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