100 Cool Status & Quotes For Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook


Feeling cool is an awesome experience. One of the simplest method to share your awesome coolness with everyone is to share Cool Whatsapp Status, Cool Quotes For Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Cool Status, Quotes For Whatsapp, Facebook & Instagram In English

A Cool person is someone who is comfortable with himself, not because he thinks that his way of living is the best, but because he has chosen his lifestyle, knows the risk and is happy with that. A person is said to be cool if they doesn’t follow trends but create new trends that are totally unique. They’re not frightened of their uniqueness but relish and revel in it. Lets have a look at our shortlisted cool Whatsapp status and cool quotes for Instagram, Facebook.


  • Nothing Is Perfect, But When I’m With You Everything Is Perfect.
  • Trust Me I Am A Liar.
  • Love Me Or Hate Me I’m Still Gonna Shine.
  • Treat Me The Way You Expect To Be Treated.
  • There’s Always A Person That You Hated For No Reason.
  • Everything Is Funnier When Your Supposed To Be Quiet.
  • When It’s You Against Me, You Either Win Or You Die.
  • Don’t Take Life Too Seriously, You Won’t Get Out Of It Alive.
  • The Best Thing In Life Is Finding Someone Who Knows All Your Flaws, Mistakes, And Weaknesses And Still Thinks You’re Completely Amazing.
  • Just Saw The Most Smartest Person When I Was In Front Of The Mirror.
  • That Awkward Moment When Your Kindness Is Mistaken With Flirting.
  • If You Don’t Want To Have Kids With Me, Then Why Don’t We Just Practice ?
  • A Beautiful Girl With Gorgeous Eyes, A Hidden World Of Hurt & Lies.
  • I’m Not Lazy, I’m Just On My Energy Saving Mode.
  • If You Give Up On Me, I’m Going To Give Up On Me Too.
  • Yes, I’m Selfish Because I Will Never Share You With Anyone Else.
  • Sometimes The Questions Are Complicated And The Answers Are Simple.
  • Sometimes It’s Better To Be Alone. Nobody Can Hurt You.
  • You Always Get Hurt The Moment You Begin To Care.
  • Let’s Flip A Coin, Head You Are Mine, Tails I’m Yours.


Cool Whatsapp Status Updates In English

  • Life Is Like Ice Cream, Enjoy It Before It Melts.
  • Sometimes Holding On Makes Us Strong But Sometimes Its Better Off Letting It Go.
  • I Like It When People Look At My Status And Say Impressive.
  • Perhaps I Am Stronger Than I Think.
  • It Always Seems Impossible Until It’s Done.
  • Don’t Play With Me Because I Am Champion.
  • Maturity Is When You Learn To Let It Go.
  • You Aren’t Learning Anything When You’re Talking.
  • All The Rules Are Made To Broken At The End.
  • Maths Rule : If It Seems Easy, You’re Doing It Wrong.
  • Attitude Is Like Underwear. Don’t Show It Just Wore It.
  • Life Starts At The End Of Comfort Zone.
  • Silence Is A Source Of Great Strength.
  • Don’t Think It, Just Do It.
  • Life Always Goes On With Or Without You.
  • Behind Every Successful Person, There Is A Lot Of Unsuccessful Years.
  • Aspire To Inspire Before You Expire.
  • However Good Or Bad A Situation Is, It Will Change.
  • You Can Do Anything, But Not Everything.
  • You Only Live Once, So Do Everything Twice.
  • Don’t Promise When You’re Happy, Don’t Reply When You’re Angry, And Don’t Decide When You’re Sad.


Best Short Cool Whatsapp Status In English

  • Words Never Mean What We Want Them To Mean.
  • Never Make Promises That You Can’t Keep.
  • A Tear Is Made Of 1% Of Water And 99% Of Feelings.
  • I’m The Dude With Cool Attitude.
  • I May Not Be The Best, But I Know That I Am Not Like The Rest.
  • Never Laugh At Your Wife’s Choices, You’re One Of Them.
  • Sometimes What You Don’t Say Is More Powerful Than What You Do Say.
  • The Best Way To Lie Is To Tell The Truth, Carefully Edited Truth.
  • They Say We Learn From Our Mistakes. So, I’m Making As Many As Possible ! Soon I Will Be A Genius.
  • If Some One Hates You For No Reason Then Give Them A Reason.
  • The Greatest Pleasure In Life Is Doing The Things People Say U Can’t Do.
  • Sometimes I Just Wish I Could Fast Forward The Time To See If The End’s Worth It.
  • Stop Checking My Status ! Go Get A Life.
  • Too Busy To Update A Status.
  • You Cannot Always Make A Person Laugh, Unless You’re A Joker.
  • I Have Removed All The Unhealthy Food From My House. It Was Delicious.
  • Don’t Judge A Person Without Walking A Mile In His Shoes.
  • No Matter How Good You Are, You Can Always Be Replaced.
  • Girls Lie, Boys Forgive. Boys Lie, Girls Leave.
  • The Worst Distance Between Two People Is Misunderstanding.


Cool Whatsapp Status For Boys, Girls And Guys

  • Life Is Full Of Fake People. Don’t Trust Blindly.
  • I’m Not Perfect, I Am Original.
  • Be Smarter Than Your Smartphone.
  • The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It.
  • Never Make Someone A Priority, When All You Are To Them Is An Option.
  • Everybody Is Going To Hurt You. You Just Gotta Find The Ones Worth Suffering For.
  • The Brighter You Are, The More You Have To Learn.
  • Insurance Is Like Marriage. You Pay, Pay, Pay, And You Never Get Anything Back.
  • I’m A Princess, Not Because I Have A Prince, But Because My Father Is A King..
  • A Broken Heart Never Heals. It Just Learns To Live In Pieces.
  • Don’t Wait For That Moment, Take The Moment And Make It Perfect.
  • Sometimes You Write Status Not For All But For One.
  • Status Is Loading….
  • Tried To Loose Weight, But It Keeps Finding Me.
  • Me And My Wife Lived Happily For 25 Years And Then We Met.
  • The Problem Is That You Think You’ve Time !!
  • Life Is The Art Of Drawing Without A Eraser.
  • Dream As If You’ll Live Forever. Live As If Tomorrow Is The Last One.
  • Don’t Settle For Good. Demand Great.
  • My Parents Are My World And I Go To World Tour Daily.
  • Life Is Too Short. Don’t Waste It Removing Pen Drive Safely.
  • We Men Want The Same Thing From Women That We Want From Underwear. Some Support And Some Freedom.
  • Don’t Take My Kindness As A Sign Of My Weakness.
  • If I Delete Your Number, You’re Basically Deleted From My Life.
  • Don’t Talk Out Loud, You Lower The IQ Of The Whole Street.
  • I Never Make The Same Mistake Twice. Three, Four Times Maybe. But Never Twice.
  • The Biggest Slap To Your Enemies Is Your Success.
  • Your Attitude Is Like A Price Tag, It Shows How Valuable You Are.
  • People Laugh At Me Because I Am Different And I Laugh Because They All Are The Same.
  • I Am Awesome, Don’t Question It, Deal With It.
  • May My Enemies Live A Long Life To See My Success.
  • I Don’t Need Your Attitude I Have One Of My Own.
  • You Treated Me Like An Option, So I Left You Like A Choice.


Cool Status For Whatsapp In English

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