500+ Broken Heart Quotes That Make You Cry


Broken Heart Quotes are important because the pain of a broken heart is considered one of the toughest and painful among all other pains. Trying to move on from someone you loved can be the worst feeling in the world. No matter if they loved you more than you ever did or if you loved them more than them. It is certain that both of you will have to suffer from the pain.

Broken Quotes

Once in a person’s lifetime, everyone finds the perfect person of his/her Dream, whom they fall hopelessly in love with and live happily ever after. But Sometimes due to some Misunderstandings they Lose each others Trust, Faith, Love and Bonding and they finally Broke up. Unfortunately many small conflicts within people do not resolve easily and lead up to divorces or breakups with each other.

So, how do you heal a broken heart ? Time and words heal all wounds. These sad heart broken quotes, sayings, words, messages, lines and status in English would help you to lighten your mind. Which in turn, would help you to recover from heartbroken feeling faster. Lets have a look at our shortlisted heart broken quotes and status in English.


Heart Broken Status

  • I Feel So Far Away From The One I Wish To Hold In My Arms.
  • One Day U Will Want Me & Tell Me Sorry, But It’ll Be Too Late.
  • One Day You Will Wait For Me But I Will Not Come.
  • Sometimes It’s Better To Be Alone, No One Can Hurt You.
  • Love Is Hard To Find, Hard To Keep, And Hard To Forget.
  • A Broken Heart Bleeds Tears.
  • A Broken Heart Is Just The Growing Pains Necessary So That You Can Love More Completely When The Real Thing Comes Along.
  • You Broke A Promise & Made Me Realize. It Was All Just A Lie.
  • Trusting U Again Is My Decision, Proving Me Wrong Is Your Choice.
  • Never Trust Those People Who Don’t Understand Your Feelings.
  • My Silence Is Just Another Word For My Pain.
  • The Most Painful Goodbye’s Are Those Which Were Never Explained & Said.
  • I Was Born The Day I Met You, Lived A While When You Loved Me, Died A Little When We Broke.
  • When I Close My Eyes I See You, When I Open My Eyes I Miss You.
  • People Say Follow Your Heart. But Which Way Do U Go When Your Heart Breaks Into Two ?
  • Love Is Like A War, Easy To Begin, But Hard To End.
  • A Breakup Is Like A Broken Mirror, Its Better To Give Up Then To Hurt Yourself Trying To Fix It Again.
  • Love Is The Beautiful Mistake Of My Life.
  • Dear Heart, Please Stop Getting Involved In Everything. Your Job Is To Pump Blood That’s It.
  • An Eye With Dust And A Heart With Trust Always Cries.


Best Heartbroken Quotes

  • Sometimes You Need To Stand Alone To Find Out Who You Really Are.
  • I Will Never Learn To Stop Loving U I’m Just Learning How To Live Without U & Move On Without U.
  • When You Are In Sadness You Are With Your Past.
  • When I Miss U It Seems Every Song I Listen To Is About You.
  • The Most Painful Memory Is That When I Walked Away From You.
  • I Hope We Meet Again.
  • When I Miss U I Re-read Our Old Conversations And Smile Like An Idiot.
  • I Wish You Were Not In My Dreams.
  • Pain Is Inevitable & Suffering Is Optional.
  • A Relationship Is Only Made For 2 But Some Forget How To Count.
  • Why Was I So Afraid To Lose You When You Were Not Even Mine ?
  • Its Better To Be Alone, Than Being With Someone Who Makes U Feel Alone.
  • Here Is My Heart, I’ll Let You Break It.
  • No More Wasting Time Thinking About Wasted Time.
  • I Hate Being Broken, I Hate That I Cannot Go Back.
  • I Never Hate U For Not Loving Me Anymore, But I Hate Myself For Still Loving You.
  • I Just Hope That U Miss Me A Little When I Am Gone.
  • The Heart Was Made To Be Broken.
  • I Am Too Bright To Shine In Your Dull World.
  • Missing Someone Is Your Heart’s Way Of Reminding U That You Love Them.


Heart Breaken Quotes

  • Nobody Deserves Your Tears, But Whoever Deserves Them Will Not Make U Cry.
  • Sometimes It’s Better To Be Alone. Nobody Can Hurt U !
  • Love Is Like A Rubber Band Held At Both Ends By 2 People. When One Leaves. It Hurts The Other.
  • Don’t Be Much Closer To Anybody Bcoz A Small Change In Their Behavior Hurts A Lot…
  • Its Better To Be Leave Lonely Then, To Be Played By Bad People.
  • Never Forget Who Was There For U When No One Else Was.
  • Find Someone Who Can Change Your Life, Not Your Relationship Status.
  • A Beautiful Dress Can Change The Personality But Beautiful Behavior Can Change Life!!
  • Every Time I Start Trusting Someone, They Show Me Why I Shouldn’t.
  • Only U Can Put A Smile On My Face When I’m Sad…
  • I Hate The Moment When Suddenly My Anger Turns Into My Tears.
  • One Day U Will See What You Lost. One Day I’ll See What I Gained.
  • My Silence Is Just Another Word For The Pain.
  • Why Am I So Afraid To Lose U When You Are Not Even Mine ?
  • I Hate Being Broken. I Hate That I Cannot Go Back.
  • Its Better To Be Lonely Then To Be Played By The Wrong People.
  • They Ignore You Until They Need You.
  • Pain Is The Only Thing That Is Telling Me I’m Still Alive.
  • If U Leave Without A Reason Don’t Come Back With An Excuse.
  • When You Love Someone, Even Though They Hurt You & Break Your Heart, U Still Love Them With All The Little Pieces.


Broken Heart Messages

  • Waiting For U Is Like Waiting For Rain In A Drought.
  • Did I Change Or Did You Just Stopped Loving Me.
  • We Are Not Close Anymore But I Will Be There If You Need Me.
  • When I Close My Eyes Then I See U, When I Open My Eyes You Are Not There..
  • I’m Here Waiting For You But You Never Come.
  • Loving You Was My Favorite Mistake.
  • It’s Hard To Forget Someone Who Gave You So Much To Remember.
  • Sometimes The Person U Trust Most Is The One Who Trust You The Least.
  • Tears Come From The Heart & Not From The Brain.
  • Never Reply When U Are Angry. Never Make A Promise When You’re Happy. Never Make A Decision When U Are Sad.
  • Sometimes Your Heart Needs More Time To Accept What Your Mind Already Knows.
  • I Hope You Will Realize How Much You Are Hurting Me.
  • My Heart Never Knew, Loneliness Until You Went Away.
  • I’m In Love With U & All Yours Little Things.
  • I Want Your Love By Your Choice, Not By My Force.
  • The First Time U Touched Me, I Knew I Was Born To Be Yours.
  • Each Night I Put My Head To My Pillow, I Try To Tell Myself I’m Strong I’ve Gone One More Day Without U.
  • A Promise Means Everything, But Once It Is Broken Then It Means Nothing.
  • Never Build Your Emotional Life On The Weaknesses Of Others.
  • Don’t Make A Permanent Decision For Your Temporary Emotion.


Sad Broken Heart Quotes

  • Sometimes The Questions Are Complicated & The Answers Are Simple.
  • I Always Like Walking In The Rain, So No One Can See Me Crying.
  • I Smile Not Because I’m Happy, I Smile To Hide Sadness.
  • Sometimes There Is So Much We Feel, But So Little We Can Say.
  • Don’t Beg Anyone To Stay In Your Life. If They Want To Be A Part Of Your Life They’ll Stay.
  • The Most Difficult Phase Of Life Is Not When No One Understands U. Its When You Don’t Understand Yourself.
  • During The Day I Keep Myself Busy & Sometimes Time Passes. But At Night, I Really Miss U.
  • Never Put Your Own Happiness In Someone Else Hands.
  • Being In-love With Someone Who Doesn’t Want U Is The Worst Feeling Ever.
  • Never Give Up On Someone That You Cant Spend A Day Not Thinking About.
  • My One Hand Is Enough To Fight Against The World.. If You Hold The Other One.
  • Love The One Who Loves You. Not The One Whom You Love.
  • My Heart Was Taken By You, Broken By You, And Now It Is In Pieces Because Of You.
  • The Hardest Moment Is Not Those When Tears Flow From Eyes. It’s When You Have To Hide The Tears In Your Eyes With A Smile On Your Lips.
  • Forget What Hurt You, But Never What It Taught You.
  • Breakup In Love Is Wake Up In Life.
  • Tears Are The Last Gift Of True Love.
  • It’s Only When You Are Broken, You Realize What You Are Made Of ?
  • I Hate You Because I Love You, I Know You Love Me, But Your Ego Stopped You.
  • Apologies Don’t Fix Broken Hearts.


Broken Heart Words

  • A Broken Promise Is As Good As A Lie.
  • It’s Better To Be Lonely Than To Make Silent Sacrifices For Those Who Are Never Going To Notice Your Feelings.
  • I Am Not Arguing. I Am Just Explaining Why I Am Right.
  • It Still Hurts To See That You’re Doing Completely Okay Without Me.
  • Just Because I Let You Go, Doesn’t Mean I Wanted To Forget You.
  • One Of The Hardest Decisions You Will Ever Have To Make Is Whether To Stay And Try Harder, Or Take Your Memories And Walk Away.
  • I Am Always There For You, Without Your Permission Or With Your Permission.
  • Sometimes, You Just Listen To Your Brain, Just To Save Your Heart.
  • I Still Love You, That’s A Fact. But A Million Apologies Can’t Bring Me Back.
  • Don’t Waste Your Tears For The Person Who Doesn’t Know Its Value.
  • Just Because We Don’t Have Future Together, Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Love Each Other.
  • Some People Will Always Stay In Your Heart, Even If You’re Gone From Theirs.
  • If I Delete Your Number, You Are Deleted From My Life
  • My Heart Still Wishes It’s A Text From You.
  • No Girl Should Ever Forget That She Doesn’t Need Anyone Who Doesn’t Need Her.
  • I Don’t Even Know What To Feel Anymore, I Know I Love You With Everything I Have, But How Much Pain Do I Have To Take Before You Feel The Same Way?
  • Some People Need To Open Their Small Minds Instead Of Their Big Mouths.
  • When You Stopped Believing In Me, I Did Too.
  • Never Regret. If It’s Good, It’s Wonderful. If It’s Bad, Its Experience.
  • I Said Over And Over To Everyone That I Was Over You. I Said It So Much That I Started To Believe It Was True. The Sad Thing Is, It Doesn’t Last Long.


Broken Heart Sayings

  • Sometimes I Am Not Angry, I Am Hurt, And There Is A Big Difference.
  • It Hurts To Love Someone And Not Be Loved In Return, But What Is More Painful Is To Love Someone And Never Find The Courage To Let That Person Know How You Feel.
  • The Best Way To Mend A Broken Heart Is Time And Girlfriends.
  • I Have So Many Choices And Decisions Running Through My Head And Heart But Have No Idea On What To Do.
  • Getting Angry Is Punishing Yourself For The Mistakes Of Others.
  • If One Day You Realize I Haven’t Talked To You In A While, It’s Not That I Don’t Care, It’s Because You Pushed Me Away And Left Me There.
  • Love Is The Hardest Habit To Break, And The Most Difficult To Satisfy.
  • No Matter How Long You Know Someone, They Eventually Show Their True Colors.
  • I Don’t Understand Why Destiny Allowed Some People To Meet When There’s No Way For Them To Be Together.
  • It’s Annoying When Both Of You Are On-line, And You Ignore Each Other As If You Didn’t Use To Talk Till Midnight On Late Evenings.
  • Anger Is Our Natural Defense Against Pain. So, When I Say I Hate You, It Really Means You Hurt Me.
  • She Said She’d Love Me Forever. Forever Ended Quickly.
  • Well, The Tears Are Starting To Slow Down Now, But The Pain, However, Remains Constant.
  • I Agree It’s Easy To Cry And Easy To Die, But It’s Not Easy To Say Goodbye.
  • When You Love Someone More Than They Deserve, You Will Always End Up With More Pain Than You Deserve.
  • I Can’t Make You Love Me If You Don’t. You Can’t Make Your Heart Feel, Something It Won’t.
  • Not Everyone Is Meant To Be A Long-term Thing. Maybe I Should Just Give Up.
  • We Both Said I Love You To Each Other, But The Difference Was, I Didn’t Lie.
  • I Know Someday You’ll Have A Beautiful Life, I Know You’ll Be The Sun In Somebody Else’s Sky, But Why Can’t It Be Mine ?
  • It’s Strange How The People You Love And Care For The Most Can Cause The Most Pain To You.


Broken Heart Quotes & Sayings

  • You Are My Life. You Are The Only Thing It Would Hurt To Lose.
  • A Broken Heart Knows That No Matter What You Do Or Say To Yourself, You Can’t Fool Your Heart Into Believing That You Will, In Fact, Be Alright.
  • I Close My Eyes And Drift Away Over The Fear That I Will Never Find A Way To Heal My Soul.
  • Even After Everything You Have Put Me Through, You’re The One I Want.
  • I Know You’ll Be Better Without Me, But I’m Having A Hard Time Convincing Myself I’ll Be Better Without You.
  • Because Of You, I Find It Hard To Trust Not Only Me But Everyone Around Me.
  • By The Time You Realize You Did Love Me, I’ll Have Realized You Never Deserved Me.
  • I Am Not Perfect, But At Least I Am Not Fake.
  • If I Treated You The Way You Treat Me, I Promise You Wouldn’t Stick Around The Way I Do.
  • Love Is The Most Beautiful Thing To Have, Hardest Thing To Earn And Most Painful Thing To Lose.
  • Sometimes Breakups Aren’t Meant For Makeups, At Times They Are Meant For Wake-ups.
  • Has A Broken Heart And Knowing No Matter How Broken It Is I Can’t Let Go Of The One Who Broke It And Still Loves Them With Every Tiny Piece.
  • A Real Relationship Has Fights, Trust, Faith, Tears, Pain, Arguments, Patience, Secrets, Jealousy And Love.
  • Love Is Like Heaven, But It Hurts Like Hell.
  • A Person Who Truly Loves You Is Someone Who Sees The Pain In Your Eyes While Everyone Else Believes In The Smile On Your Face.
  • I Wish I Could Go Back To The Day I Met You And Walk The Hell Away.
  • I Wish I Could Just Get Up And Walk Away, And Not Look Back And Leave Everything And Everyone Behind Me That Has Hurt Me Or Caused Me Heartache And Pain.
  • What Hurts More Than Losing You Is Knowing You Are Not Fighting To Keep Me.
  • I Feel Like Crying Because There Isn’t Anything Else To Do.
  • After All The Troubles You Put Me Through, All The Nights I Cried. Why Do I Still Love You? Even Now You’re Gone And Were Not Together. I Still Love You.


My Heart Is Broken Quotes

  • The Most Difficult Part Of Letting Someone Go Is We Cannot Change What We Have Become Because Of Them.
  • Losing You Is Like Living In A World With No Air.
  • Until This Moment, I Had Not Realized That Someone Could Break Your Heart Twice, Along The Very Same Fault Lines.
  • You Can’t Let The People That Don’t Care About You Bring You Down.
  • The More You Show Your Feelings, The More People Can Find Ways To Hurt You.
  • Time Does Not Heal All Wounds. Sometimes It Just Increases Your Tolerance For When The Pain Comes Back.
  • But Someday You Will Truly Realize That The Time Passed With Me Was The Most Beautiful Time Ever.
  • You Cannot Be Good Enough For Everybody, But You Will Always Be The Best For The One Who Deserves You.
  • Have You Ever Wanted To Tell Someone So Badly How You Felt About Them But You Were Afraid It Might Take Away What You Already Have ?
  • I Try To Get Over You. But It Seems The More I Think About You, The More I Love You. Why Was I The One Whose Heart You Played With ?
  • Sometimes You Have To Smile And Pretend Everything’s Okay. Hold Back The Tears, And Just Walk Away.
  • I Think About You. But I Don’t Say It Anymore.
  • Broken Heart Will Turn Into A Stronger One Within Hope.
  • There Is An Ocean Of Silence Between Us… And I Am Drowning In It.
  • I’d Rather Love A Million Times And Have My Heart Broken Every Time, Than Hold A Permanitely Empty Heart Forever.
  • Birds Sing Even When The World Is Filled With Sadness. I Don’t Know Why People Can’t Do The Same Thing.
  • A Broken Heart Can Be As Lethal As A Bullet To The Brain.
  • Sometimes Good Bye Is Just Another Way Of Saying I Love You.
  • A Lot Of People Will Break Your Heart, But If You Look At The Bright Side, Only One Will Be The Worst.
  • We Were Just Two Broken Souls Trying To Fix One Another… Somehow I Ended Up With A Piece Of You And You Me.


Broken Heart Quotes In English

  • To Love Is To Risk, And To Risk Is To Lose Sometimes, To Get Hurt. But Let It Not Deter You From Loving Again, From Being Happy.
  • I Trusted You. But Now Your Words Mean Nothing To Me, Because Your Actions Spoke The Truth.
  • If You Are Brace To Say Good Bye. Life Will Reward With A New Hello.
  • My Biggest Mistake Is Thinking That People Care For Me As Much As I Do For Them.
  • It Hurts To Let It Go, But Sometimes It Hurts More To Hold On.
  • I Am So Proud With My Heart Its Been Played, Stabbed, Cheated, Burned And Broken. But Somehow It Still Works.
  • At Some Point Of Life You Realize That Some People Can Live In Your Heart But Not In Your Life.
  • I Am Done Begging For Your Love.
  • The Truth Is Everyone Is Going To Hurt You. You Just Got To Find The Ones Worth Suffering For.
  • I Know You Don’t Love Me But My Heart Does Not Understand.
  • I Pretend To Ignore Your. But I Really Just Miss You.
  • Some People Just Come In Your Life To Teach You How To Let Go.
  • Expectation It The Root Of All Heart Ache.
  • I Wish You Told Me From The Start That Your Were Gonna Break My Heart.
  • The More You Care The More It Hurts.
  • Some People Aren’t Loyal To You. They Are Loyal To Their Needs Of You. Once Their Needs Change So Does There Loyalty.
  • People Cry Not Because They Are Weak. Its Because They Have Been Strong For Too Long.
  • Humans Are Fragile Creatures Made Up Of Broken Hearts And Broken Promises.
  • Just Give Me Time And I Will Get Over You.
  • I Felt So Special Until I Saw You Talk To Everyone Like That.


Brokenhearted Quotes

  • We Should Love, Not Fall In Love Because Everything That Falls, Gets Broken.
  • I Thought You Were Healing Me But No You Broke Me Even More.
  • Sometimes We Create Our Own Heartbreaks Through Expectations.
  • Why Is It That Whenever You Try To Hold Something Dear And Beautiful, It Slips Away.
  • The People That Are Quick To Walk Away Are The Ones Never Intended To Stay.
  • I Wish That I Was What You Wanted.
  • You Don’t Know What You Have Got Till It’s Gone.
  • From All The Toys In The World People Choose Feelings To Play With.
  • Heartbreak Changes People.
  • Trying To Forget Someone You Love Is Trying To Remember Someone You Never Met.
  • What’s Left Unsaid Says It All.
  • Pain Makes You Stronger. Fear Makes You Braver. Heartbreak Makes You Wiser.
  • Three Things You Should Never Break: Promises, Trust And Someone’s Heart.
  • I Don’t Think You Know What You Are Doing To Me.
  • One Bad Chapter Doesn’t Mean Your Story Is Over.
  • Sometimes You Must Forget What You Feel And Remember What You Deserve.
  • The Worst Kind Of Pain Is When You’re Smiling Just To Stop The Tears From Falling.
  • That Awkward Moment When You Think You’re Important To Someone And You’re Not.
  • Tears Are Words That Need To Be Written.
  • I Still Remember The Feeling I Felt When I First Started Talking To You.


Heart Broken Status In English

  • You Didn’t Break My Heart You Totally Broke It.
  • I Am Not Alone Because Loneliness It Always With Me.
  • I Hate It When I Have So Much To Say But I Can’t Put It In Words.
  • Crying Does Not Mean That The Person Is Weak. But It Means That A Person Has A Heart.
  • I Hate The Feeling That We’re Drifting Away From Each Other And I Can’t Do Anything About It.
  • Care Is A Word Which Completes The Meaning Of Love.
  • Don’t Play With My Feelings, Just Because You’re Unsure Of Your Own.
  • I Just Wish I Could Lose These Feelings As Fast As I Lost You.
  • I Don’t Trust Words. I Trust In Actions.
  • Love Is Like War. Easy To Start, Difficult To Finish And Impossible To Forget.
  • God Can Heal The Broken Heart But You Need To Give Him All The Pieces.
  • Its Funny, How Easily You Walked Into My Life Was Just How Easily Walked Out Of My Life.
  • If You Gonna Fly, You Got To Give Up The Stuff That Weighs You Down.
  • How Can You Go From Feeling So Much For A Person From Feeling Absolutely Nothing At All For Them.
  • Trust Takes Years To Build, Seconds To Break And Forever To Repair.
  • To Love Is Nothing, To Be Loved Is Something And To Love & Be Loved In Return Is Everything.
  • Once Upon A Time I Was Falling In Love. But Now I’m Only Falling Apart.
  • It Takes A Minute To Like Someone, An Hour To Love Someone But Lifetime To Forget Someone.
  • The Pain Of Love Will Never Stop.
  • I Never Meant To Broke Your Heart But You Never Bothered To Understand Mine.


Heart Broken Messages

  • I Cried Because I Had No Shoes, Then I Met A Man Who Had No Feet.
  • Sometimes You Have To Forget Whats Gone, Appreciate What Still Remains And Look Forward To Whats Coming Next.
  • It Would Be A Privilege To Have My Heart Broken By You.
  • The Worst Part Of Getting Hurt Too Much Is Feeling Used To It.
  • I Don’t Regret The Past, I Just Regret The Time I’ve Wasted With The Wrong People.
  • A Heartbreak Is A Blessing From God. Its Just His Way Of Letting You Realize He Saved You From The Wrong One.
  • If You Never Get Your Heart Broken You Will Never Learn To Love.
  • Love Begins With A Smile, Grows With A Kiss And Ends With A Teardrop.
  • Hearts Will Never Be Practical, Until They Are Made Unbreakable.
  • Technically I Am Single. But My Heart Is Taken By Someone I Can’t Have.
  • Don’t Cry When The Sun Is Gone Because Tears Wont Let You See The Stars.
  • You Can Not Easily Drop A Person Out Of Your Mind Especially When That Person Left A Mark On Your Heart.
  • I Act Like I Don’t Care But Deep Inside, It Hurts.
  • Broken Trust And Anger Will Close A Heart Until Honesty And Love Is Once Again Found.
  • The First Step Towards Getting Somewhere Is To Decide That You Are Not Going To Stay Where You Are.
  • Sometimes Someone Can Hurt Us More Than We Really Deserve We Had Loved Them More Than They Actually Deserved.
  • Its True Love When Goodbye Doesn’t Separate Two Hearts.
  • Its Not Breakup That Hurts. Its The Physical Pain Of Feeling My Heart Break In Two That Hurts The Most.
  • The Scariest Thing Is That We Didn’t Have To Be Together For You To Break My Heart.
  • Stay Real, Stay Loyal Or Stay Away.


Heart Broken Love Quotes

  • Don’t Break My Heart, You Live There.
  • It Was Like A Dream Come True For Me. Now I Realize It Was Just A Dream.
  • Never Allow Someone To Be Your Priority While Allowing Yourself To Be Their Option.
  • Never Regret Yesterday. Life Is In You Today, And You Make Your Tomorrow.
  • The Emotion That Can Break Your Heart Is Sometimes The Very One That Heals It.
  • Everything And Everyone That You Hate Is Engraved Upon Your Heart; If You Want To Let Go Of Something, If You Want To Forget, You Cannot Hate.
  • Stab The Body And It Heals, But Injure The Heart And The Wound Lasts A Lifetime.
  • There Are A Million Ways To Lose Someone You Love.
  • The Past Can’t Hurt You Anymore, Not Unless You Let It.
  • No Matter How Bad Your Heart Is Broken, The World Doesn’t Stop For Your Grief.
  • Stop Being A Prisoner Of Your Past. Become The Architect Of Your Future.
  • Don’t You Ever Break Someone’s Heart, Because They Only Have One. Break Their Bones, They Have 206 On Those.
  • Hearts Are Breakable, Even When You Heal, You’re Never What You Were Before.
  • Once You Had Put The Pieces Back Together, Even Though You May Look Intact, You Were Never Quite The Same As You’d Been Before The Fall.
  • You Find Out What You Are Made Of When You Have A Broken Heart. If It Happens Early And Often, All The Better.
  • It’s Hard Asking Someone With A Broken Heart To Fall In Love Again.
  • It Hurts To Breathe Because Every Breath I Take Proves I Can’t Live Without You.
  • A Broken Heart Is Just The Growing Pains Necessary So That You Can Love More Completely When The Real Thing Comes Along.
  • Crying Is A Way Your Eyes Speak When Your Mouth Can’t Explain How Broken Your Heart Is.
  • I Cried A Lot Because Of You. I Laughed A Lot Because Of You. I Believed In Love Because Of You. And Now I’m Heartbroken Because Of You.


Heart Broken Lines

  • I Gave You My Heart, I Just Didn’t Expect To Get It Back In Pieces.
  • Just Because I Am Strong Enough To Handle Pain Doesn’t Mean I Deserve It.
  • One Of The Cruelest Things A Person Can Do Is To Awaken Someone’s Love Without The Intention Of Truly Loving Them.
  • You Will Never Know True Happiness Until You Have Truly Loved, And You Will Never Understand What Pain Really Is Until You Have Lost It.
  • I Never Knew Until That Moment How Bad It Could Hurt To Lose Something You Never Really Had.
  • Love Is Hard To Find, Hard To Keep And Hard To Forget.
  • You Flew Off With The Wings Of My Heart And Left Me Flightless.
  • You Can’t Buy Love, But You Can Pay Heavily For It.
  • You Can Close Your Eyes To Things You Don’t Want To See, But You Can’t Close Your Heart To Things You Don’t Want To Feel.
  • You Don’t Die From A Broken Heart. You Only Wish You Did.
  • A Wounded Deer Leaps Highest.
  • It Hurts Like Hell. And Then One Day, It Doesn’t.
  • Sometimes, The Person You Want Most Is The Person You’re Better Off Without.
  • It’s Hard To Tell Your Mind To Stop Loving Someone When Your Heart Still Does.
  • Move On. It’s Just A Chapter In The Past. But Don’t Close The Book. Just Turn The Page.
  • Love Is Unconditional. Relationships Are Not.


Heart Broken Status

  • It Is Better To Have Loved And Lost, Than Never To Have Loved At All.
  • Love Is Never Lost. If Not Reciprocated, It Will Flow Back And Soften And Purify The Heart.
  • It Takes A Couple Seconds To Say Hello, But Forever To Say Goodbye.
  • To Fall In Love Is Awfully Simple, But To Fall Out Of Love Is Simply Awful.
  • The Way To Love Anything Is To Realize That It Might Be Lost.
  • Some People Come Into Our Lives And Leave Footprints On Our Hearts And We Are Never Ever The Same.
  • Love Does Not Begin And End The Way We Seem To Think It Does.
  • Sometimes, When One Person Is Missing, The Whole World Seems Depopulated.
  • The Heart Is The Only Broken Instrument That Works.
  • Sadness Flies Away On The Wings Of Time.


Heartbroken Quotes That Make You Cry

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