100 Best Friends Forever Quotes For Really Cute Friendship


Friendship is the most loyal and valuable relationship a person can have. Best forever friendship is one of the most joyful and desirable need of every human being. One of the simplest method to express your best love for forever friends is to share best friends forever quotes, cute friendship quotes, real friendship status on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms.

Best Friends Forever Quotes

We can’t even think of life without friends. Sometimes our family doesn’t understand our feelings, but at the Same time our friends do. Friends makes life beautiful and full of joy. Lets have a look at our shortlisted best friends forever quotes and really cute friendship status.


Status For Best Friends Forever

  • For A Friend With An Understanding Heart Is Worth No Less Than A Brother.
  • I Don’t Like To Give Up On People, When They Need Someone Not To Give Up On Them.
  • To Be Successful You Need Friends And To Be Very Successful You Need Enemies.
  • Life Is Partly What We Make It, And Partly What It Is Made By The Friends We Choose.
  • When You Ask God For A Gift, Be Thankful If He Sends, Not Diamonds, Pearls Or Riches, But The Love Of Real True Friends.
  • If You Want To Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are, Sink The Ship. The First Ones To Jump Aren’t Your Friends.
  • A Friend Is Someone Whose Face You Can See In The Dark.
  • The Most Valuable Gift You Can Receive Is An Honest Friend.
  • Friends Ask You Questions. Enemies Question You.
  • Eternity Is A Long Time To Spend Alone, Without Others Of Your Kind.
  • A Doubtful Friend Is Worse Than A Certain Enemy.
  • One Of Life’s Challenging Realizations Is That Sometimes You Outgrow Your Friends.
  • Friends Are A Weird Thing. It Seems Like They Know All About You, But Then They Don’t Understand You At All.
  • Sometimes The Simplest Solution Out Of Conflict Is Becoming Someone’s Friend, Instead Of Saying Goodbye Forever.
  • When Choosing Friends, Be Careful Of Those Who Are Not Willing To Rise Up To Be At Your Level, But Who Are Trying Everything In Their Power To Bring You Down To Their Level.


Friends Forever Status

  • The Difference Between Your Friend And Your Best Friend Is That Your Friend Asks, ‘Are You Are Ok?’ And Your Best Friend Asks, ‘Do You Want To Talk About It ?
  • It’s Best To Have A Small Boat Of Friends Where Everyone Rows Than An Ark Of Friends Where No One Does. At Least You’re Getting Somewhere.
  • Enemies Can’t Break Your Spirit, Only Friends Can.
  • Friends Can Create Our Most Cherished Memories.
  • The Best Gift Your True Friends Will Ever Give You Is Carry Your Casket With Respect. So Be Good To Those You Consider Exceptional.
  • When God Takes Out The Trash, Don’t Go Digging Back Through It. Trust Him.
  • Being Blinded In Love And Friendship Is A Common Mistake.
  • Never Try To Outgrow The People Who Were Helping You Walk, When You Could Not Even Walk.
  • I’d Rather Be A Friendless Loser Than Have A Bunch Of Friends Who Secretly Hated Me.
  • If They Don’t Like You For Who You Are, It Means They’re Not Meant To Be In Your Life.
  • An Honorable Man Is Fair Even To His Enemies. A Dishonorable Man Is Unfair Even To His Friends !
  • If Someone Breaks Your Best Friend’s Heart, You Should Break Their Face.
  • Unfortunately, People Who Always Tell The Truth Don’t Have Many Friends.
  • Conversations Between Friends Are The Craziest And Funniest Of All.
  • A Friend Is Someone Who Makes You A Better Version Of Yourself, Just By Being Who They Are.
  • When God Keeps Away Certain People From You, It May Be That The Person Is Not Good For You.
  • A Slip Of The Foot May Injure Your Body, But A Slip Of The Tongue Will Injure Your Bond.
  • When You Have Everything In Life, You Have Friends, When You Have Nothing, You Have True Friends.
  • If You’re With Someone, But You’re Constantly Worried About What They Think Of You, You’re With The Wrong Person.
  • In Failure, You Begin To Lose Friends. In Success, You Lose Most Of Them.
  • Fake People Will Insult You In Front Of The Whole World But Those Who Are True To You Will Insult You More But In Private.
  • Being Honest May Not Get You A Lot Of Friends It’ll Get You The Right Ones.
  • Troubles Often Decides Your Deepest Friends, But Deepest Friend Will Never Decide To Put You Into Trouble.
  • True Friends Are Like Diamonds. They Shine For You Even On The Darkest Days.
  • Rebuilding Is Something That Is Practically Difficult Than Starting Over From Nothing.
  • Choose Your Friends As Wise As You Choose Your Words In Conversations.


Cute Best Friend Quotes

  • Friends Are Like Sails – They Help Shield Us Against Storms And Provide The Force That Helps Direct Us On Course.
  • Friends Enhance Our Lives In Many Ways : They Listen To Us When We Need Someone To Talk To. They Support Us When We Feel Vulnerable And They Empower Us When We’re Facing Challenges.
  • In Times Of Your Need, You Will Know Your True Friends.
  • When You Meet A Person As Good Hearted As A Child, Don’t Ever Be Selfish, Just Give Them Your Best And You Will Become Great Friends.
  • Your True Friends Echo Your Own Philosophies Back At You.
  • Three Things In Life You Will Never Have To Chase : True Friends, True Love And Your Destiny !
  • It’s Not Important For Everyone To Know Your Name, It’s Important That Some Of The People You Know Don’t Forget Your Name.
  • Good Friends Laugh At You, Laugh With You, But Never Laugh Behind Your Back.
  • Truth Can Win You Many Enemies, But It Also Rewards You With Some Die Hard Friends.
  • Friends For Life, Friends Forever.
  • No Words Would Ever Be More Powerful Than The Presence Of A Friend.
  • A Best Friend Is Someone That Will Stand In Your Storm And Tell You The Lightening Is Beautiful Just To Make You Realize That Your Heart Was Worth Getting Soaked.
  • Friends Will Always Be There For The Party. Real Friends Will Be There After The Party.
  • If You Have Friends And Family Who Love You Unconditionally – You Truly Have Everything !
  • Never Underestimate The Value Of Good Friends.
  • In Any Case, It Is Not Love, But Friendship, That Truly Eludes You.
  • Friends Are The Artists Who Paint Happy Lips On Your Face.
  • Always Cherish Your True Friends Who Were There When No One Else Was.
  • Some Of Our Friends Are Our Friends Only Because We Used To Be Friends.
  • In Some Rare Cases, A Friendship Between Two People Benefits Both Of Them, And What’s More, In Some Rarer Cases, It Benefits Both Of Them Equally.
  • A Friend Is A Stranger That You Have Come To Know Better.
  • Friends Are Medicine For A Wounded Heart And Vitamins For A Hopeful Soul.
  • Friends Can Become Enemies, And Enemies Can Become Friends. Ego And Pride Can Turn What Is Good Into Bad, And Kind Words Can Turn What Is Bad Into Something Good.
  • Be Aware Of People Who Are Standing In Your Circle Who Don’t Smile When You Win.
  • To Obtain Wealth Beyond Measure, Seek To Make More Friends Than Money.
  • Enemies Are Easy To Get And Even Easier To Keep. But Friends Are Hard To Get And Even Harder To Keep.
  • A Bad Friend Is Worse Than An Enemy, An Enemy You Can See And Avoid, But To Detect An Insincere Friend Is Hard.
  • A Good Man Measures His Life Not In The Number Of His Years But In The Quality Of His Friends.
  • Today’s Enemies Can Be Your Friends Tomorrow. And Today’s Friends Can Be Tomorrow’s Enemies.
  • Dogs Are Loyal Friends, And If They Could Talk, Your Secrets Would Still Be Safe.
  • A Friend Isn’t Someone You Use Once And Then Throw Away. A Friend Is Someone You Use Over And Over Again.
  • You Do Not Need A Certain Number Of Friends, Just A Number Of Friends You Can Be Certain Of.
  • You Have To Make An Enemy A Friend To Conquer His Or Her Evil Intentions.
  • Friends Who Don’t Stick Around During The Hard Times Weren’t Worth Having Around Anyway.
  • A True Friend Is Someone You Can Count On No Matter What.
  • Friendship Is Like An Investment, The Best Type Yields The Best Profit For You !
  • It’s Not Just About Making Friends, It’s About Making Right Friends For The Right Reasons !
  • To Be Successful, You Need Friends. To Be Very Successful, You Need Enemies.
  • Good Friends Are Divine Instruments.


Cute Friendship Quotes

  • Friends Understand The Unsaid Words, No Matter If They Are Silent For Years.
  • The Thing About Friends Is, You Never Know When You Might Need Them. It’s Always Best To Keep Them Imprisoned Nearby.
  • Friendship Is A Door You Will Never Need To Knock On As You Will Always Have A Key.
  • We Often Misunderstood Between Having Good Number Of Friends And Having Number Of Good Friends.
  • When Life Gives Up On You, Know That Your Best Friend Will Always Be There.
  • Friends Are Like Books, You Learn From Every One Of Them.
  • Friends Are The Best Anti Depressants With Only Positive Effects, No Side Effects.
  • The Only Reason A True Friend Won’t Be There To Pick You Up Is Because They Are Lying Beneath You From Trying To Break Your Fall.
  • Your Friends Are A Reflection Of You.
  • You Never Lose Friends. You Just Discover Who Your Real Friends Are.
  • Friends Are Like Ants, They Walk Into Your Life Unnoticed And Take Over Your Life As If Its Like Their Own.
  • Anyone Looking For Friends Without Faults Shall Remain Friendless.
  • Friends Are Like Sugar. When You Have Them, You’ll Feel Happiness. When You Have Too Many Of Them, You Will Suffer.
  • Friend Of Everyone Is Friend Of None.
  • Never Believe A Friend Who Offered You His Friendship Just Because He Was Getting Bored.
  • The Friend That Always Finds Time To Spend With You Without Consulting His Or Her Calendar Is A True Friend.
  • You Have Three Types Of Friends In Life : Friends For A Reason, Friends For A Season, And Friends For A Lifetime.
  • Friends Are Forever But Life Is Full Of Disappointments.
  • It’s A Lot Harder To Get Someone Out Of Your Life Than It Is To Let Them In, So Please… Be Selective.
  • Happiness Is Hanging With Friends Who Know You Way More Than You’d Care To Share.


Really Cute Friendship Quotes

There are many valuable things in life, but friendship that lasts forever is one of the most important. Friendship is the most wonderful relationship that anyone can have. We hope that you might have find our list of 100 Best Friends Forever Quotes For Really Cute Friendship helpful in finding your next best friends forever quotes, really cute friendship status for posting them on Whatsapp, Facebook and other social media platforms. We are thankful to you for spreading love for your besties (BFF) with everyone.