10 Positive Quotes After A Break Up To Move On


The pain of a broken heart is considered one of the toughest and painful among all other pains. Trying to move on after breakup from someone you loved with true heart is the worst feeling in the world. No matter if they loved you more than you ever did, or if you loved them more than them. It is certain that both of you will have to suffer from the pain.

Move On Quotes After A Breakup

Once in a lifetime, Everyone finds the perfect person of his/her dream, whom they fall hopelessly in love with and live happily ever after. But Sometimes due to some Misunderstandings they Lose each others Trust, Faith, Love and Bonding which finally forces them to break up with each other.

Positive Quotes After Breakup

So, how do you move on after a break up ? Time and words heal all wounds. These positive quotes after a break up would help you to lighten up your mind. Which in turn, would help you to move on after a break up feeling faster.

Lets have a look at our shortlisted break up status and heart broken quotes.


Uplifting Quotes After A Breakup

  • It Doesn’t Matter For How Long You Have Known Someone, They Will Eventually Show Their True Colors.
  • Whenever You Love Someone More Than They Deserve, You Will Always End Up With More Pain Than You Deserve.
  • By The Time When You Will Realize That You Did Love Me, I’ll Have Realized That You Never Deserved Me.
  • Love Is The Best Thing To Have, Hardest Thing To Earn And Most Painful Thing To Lose.
  • A Person Who Truly Loves You Is Someone Who Will See The Pain In Your Eyes. While Everyone Else Believes In The Smiles You Fake.
  • I Wish I Could Go Back To The Past When I Met You And Walk Away From You Forever.
  • The More You Show Your True Feelings, The More People Can Find Ways To Hurt You.
  • A Broken Heart Is Equivalent To A Bullet Fired On Brain.
  • I Trusted You. But Now Your Words Mean Nothing To Me, Because Your Actions Spoke The Truth.


After Breakup Quotes For Her/Him

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